50 Scholarships for International Students, Bocconi University, Italy

50 Scholarships for International Students, Bocconi University, Italy

Bocconi University offers up to 50 scholarships assigned on the basis of family income and aimed at supporting international students attending Master of Science Programs.
Study Subject: Management Studies , Arts
Employer: Bocconi University
Level: Masters

Scholarship Description: Recipients of the Scholarship will be offered – only for their first year of studies at Bocconi ? the following benefits:
- Tuition waiver (approx €11.000);
- €3000 cash stipend (issued in two installments)

Students will be considered eligible for the scholarship under the following conditions:
- Non?Italian citizenship;
- Non?Italian residence;
- A non?Italian Undergraduate degree earned abroad or in Italy;
- Admission into the first year of a Bocconi Master of Science program in the a.y. 2011?2012;
The scholarship will not be granted to students for whom any of the following is true:
- Have been previously enrolled in a Master of Science or Master of Arts program or are currently enrolled in a program in a course equivalent to a second level degree program;
- Have earned a Graduate level university degree or an equivalent degree including combined undergraduate and graduate degrees ;
- Are recipients of another scholarship awarded by private or public institutions for the academic year 2010?11.

Scholarship Application Deadline:
1st Session: 10/01/2011– hr.11 am
2nd Session: 10/02/2011– hr.11 am
3rd Session: 10/03/2011– hr.11 am
4th Session: 10/04/2011– hr.11 am

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